SCHMUN 2020 Scholarships Winners:

 Slabinski Family Political Science Scholarship - Bella Marshall

Multimedia Scholarship - Josie Whited

SCHMUN Scholarships (3) - Kenny Roberts, Cameron Logar, and Bella Marshall

The JAGS Program Scholarship - Cameron Logar

Lake Center Christian Scholarship - Kenny Roberts

Lake High School Scholarship - Bella Marshall

SCHMUN 2020 Delegates Guide

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The SCHMUN Conference

Malone University and Lake Local Schools are proud to have partnered together to provide students of Stark County with an engaging and challenging conference. Stark County High School Model United Nations (SCHMUN) is a unique blend of brand new delegates and veteran delegates. The SCHMUN Conference was established in 2006 by Dr. Scott Waalkes of Malone University. The aim of the conference is to provide a space for students, in a low-pressure environment, to hone their skills in teamwork and collaboration, research and writing, and public speaking.

SCHMUN is located at both Malone University and Lake Middle High School. SCHMUN is a free three-day event. The first two days are located in the state of the art Lake Middle High School building, equipped with flexible seating, modern technology, and open collaboration spaces. The conference aims to integrate technology into the committees and debate. Each room is equipped with microphones and four televisions. Day three is located at the prestigious Malone University. The General Assembly is held in a modern and comfortable auditorium lecture hall. 

In addition to the debate, the SCHMUN conference aims to incorporate different academic entities. The conference has a support security staff made up of middle school students. Additionally, SCHMUN is staffed with journalism and multimedia students from different districts. Students work collaboratively to create a press team to cover the SCHMUN Conference.  

Visit the United Nations page to find more information about what exactly is the United Nations. 
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